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GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale - Sundance Watch: 'Tangerine' shot entirely with iPhonesByAssociated Press Published: 22:26 GMT, 27 January 2015 | Updated: 22:26 GMT, 27 January 2015 PARK CITY, Utah (AP) aᡨ One Sundance movie was literally phoned in aᡨ the transgender prostitute tale Tangerine. The movie that premiered Friday at the Sundance Film Festival follows two characters Alexandra and Sin-Dee on a wild Christmas GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale Eve night in Los Angeles as one chases after her pimp. It was shot entirely using iPhone 5s phones with anamorphic lens adapters. It made it more cinematic and we used this great app called Filmic Pro. And all of these combined really I think really gave us a really unique, really different look and that's something that we GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale were trying to achieve with this film, because also the subject matter is kind of different, director Sean Baker said. In this Friday, Jan. 23, 2015 photo, director/writer Sean Baker, from left, Mickey O'Hagan, Kiki Kitana Rodriguez and James Ransone pose for a portrait to promote the film, Tangerine, at the Eddie Bauer Adventure House during the Sundance Film GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale Festival in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)It was the first major role for transgender actress Mya Taylor, who co-stars with real life friend Kiki Kitana Rodriguez. Oh, yes. Everything that's in the movie is exactly what goes on in that area with those transgender people, Taylor said.Baker said one of his main motivations behind the film was GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale his desire to shoot at a the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Los Angeles aᡨ and then finding the story that went with that. It's a very chaotic area. It's a place that I've always noticed as a very dramatic, colorful area and ... I knew that it would be cinematic, he said. So, it GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale was just about finding a story to tell that took place there. And so we went in and we sort of introduced ourselves to everybody in the area. We worked our way in with the research process and that's where we met Mya. The movie comes at a moment when transgender characters are being seen more than ever in GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale mainstream media, including Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Tambor's character on the Amazon show Transparent and Laverne Cox on Netflix's Orange is the New Black. I'm very happy about what's going on with transgender people coming out into the screen, because it's unheard of, you know? ... I'm proud of those shows, I think they're wonderful and this brings a GGDB Scarpe Cheap Sale good add-on to it, because it kind of brings you inside some of the lives of transgender people, Taylor said. Tangerine was well-received at Sundance but is still searching for a distributor. This photo provided by courtesy of the Sundance Institute shows a scene from the film, Tangerine, directed by Sean Baker. (AP Photo/Sundance Institute, Radium) .