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Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale - Teenage Muslim convert who had hoped to marry her Asian boyfriend but argued over her tight clothing is cleared of manslaughter after insisting HE stabbed himself to deathSarah Willis converted to Islam but rowed with boyfriend over tight clothesBoyfriend Bilal Saddique was strict Muslim and kept relationship privateWillis claims the pair had argued about her wearing tight and short Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale clothesOn one occasion he picked her up from work and saw her with other manMr Saddique accused Willis of cheating and pair argued at Blackburn homeDuring row Ms Willis picked up knife and Bilal received fatal knife woundKnife almost severed artery and he died hour later at Blackburn hospitalMs Willis found not guilty of manslaughter today at Preston Crown Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale CourtByJack Crone for MailOnline Published: 15:48 GMT, 6 February 2015 | Updated: 19:06 GMT, 6 February 2015 2.8k shares 151 View comments Free to go: Law firm worker Sarah Willis was cleared of killing her boyfriend at Preston Crown Court todayA teenage Muslim covert accused of knifing her Asian boyfriend to death after rows over her 'tight and short Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale clothing' has been cleared of his killing.Law firm worker Sarah Willis, 19, insisted BT engineer Bilal Saddique accidentally stabbed himself during the final row of their turbulent relationship.Mr Saddique, a strict Muslim, had kept their relationship a secret and had referred to his girlfriend as a 'bitch' and a 'slag', Preston Crown Court.On the night of his death during Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale a vicious argument between the pair Ms Willis said Mr Saddique pulled her by her hair and taunted her by saying he had been having sex with someone else.When she started collecting her possessions, including knives, to leave their shared home he goaded her and dared her to stab him, saying 'come on hit me, come on f****** stab Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale me, if you hate me'.As the vicious row ensued Willis said the engineer grabbed her hand, which was holding a knife, and stabbed himself in the thigh A?- with the knife almost entirely severing an artery.He died at Royal Blackburn Hospital an hour later from his injuries.Willis, who converted to Islam when she was at school, regularly talked about Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale her boyfriend according to colleagues. She sometimes told them he had bought her expensive handbags and makeup but at other times would complain about him being too controlling.Asma Day, a colleague, described Ms Willis as having a split personality - sometimes being loud and disruptive and other times withdrawn.She said: 'He wanted her to cover up because other men Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale looked at her. She wore Western clothing but always covered her arms and legs. She said she had never been introduced to Bilal's mother and she was conservative and wouldn't accept her.She said they loved each other and were going to get married. He didn't like her wearing tight clothing and short clothes.'A?A? RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Woman, Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale 19, who converted to Islam 'stabbed her Muslim... Harry Ramsden's owner's son who left a baby severely brain... Share this article Share After a week-long trial at Preston Crown Court the jury were ordered to find her not guilty of murder by the judge Mr Justice Timothy Holroyde and after a day's deliberations she was found not guilty of Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale manslaughter today.During the court case Ms Willis told of a series of rows between her and Mr Saddique including one in which he bit and dragged her around by the hair and another when he became enraged at her opening a Facebook account.On one occasion when Mr Saddique was away in Pakistan Ms Willis was seen wearing 'bright lips' Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale and more revealing and glamorous clothes and had appeared happy and 'less disruptive.'A? Ms Willis claimed Mr Saddique was controlling and the court heard he had kept their relationship privateHe would refer to Ms Willis as 'slag' and 'bi**h' and from time to time would block contact with her on his phone.A?He also became suspicious of her platonic friendship Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale with a male work colleague after they were photographed together at the office Christmas party in 2013 and he found text messages and read her Facebook account.A?The court was told last August's tragedy was the climax of the couple's stormy three year on-off relationship which began after Ms Willis converted to Islam when she was a schoolgirl.Mr Saddique who Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale came from a strict Muslim family had been very private about his relationship with her and although he planned to marry her, one friend was unaware of him dating a white girl. Scene: Mr Saddique, 29, died during when he was stabbed in the leg at the home he shared with Sarah Willis in Blackburn, LancashireDescribing the moment Mr Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale Saddique stabbed himself, Ms Willis told officers, 'I started to cry and he pulled me towards him. I said f***ing hell what have you done . I don't think he meant to do it.'He said Sarah I feel like I'm going to faint . I was screaming Bilal Bilal what have you done. I was shouting somebody please help Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale . I think he just did it to scare me I don't think he meant to go that far.'When she was asked by officers what had been her intention she said: 'Nothing just to put the knife in the box and get all my stuff and go, I hate fighting.A?'I'm not going to be able to live without him. Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale We have our ups and downs but I love him. I didn't murder Bilal. We were supposed to go on holiday on Friday.' Claim: During bust ups she claimed Mr Saddique told her she needed to 'dress better' and accused her of dressing 'like a slag'Earlier Mr Saddique's former girlfriend Rebecca Hamilton-Drullard said his relationship with Ms Willis was Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale 'very much on off' - although he did want to marry her.A?In a statement she said: 'He would call her a slag because she was getting lifts from Asian guys. Bilal told me he talked about the possibility of marriage but had not introduced her to his family.'He was upset because she told her mother and friends that they Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale were engaged. He said she was possessive, manipulative and controlling and deluded for making things up.A?'While in Pakistan she said she couldn't eat and lost a stone and couldn't eat without him. She was accusing him of getting married whilst in Pakistan and didn't trust him. He bought her a black Punto so she wouldn't need to get lifts Hogan Shoes Cheap Sale home.' Not guilty: Sarah WillisA?was cleared of killing her boyfriend at Preston Crown Court, above, today .