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Nike Sandals Cheap Sale - Racist teenager whose vile abuse of a train guard went viral is jailed for allegedly assaulting a youth at a skate park... while he was on his way to a police station to report for bailAbdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar, 17, has been refused bail after an alleged assaultThe teen was granted bail in October after a racial outburst Nike Sandals Cheap Sale at a Brisbane train guard, Josphat MkhwananziA?The incident went viral after it was filmed by his friend, but a magistrate branded it 'disgusting'A?Conditions of Russell-Boumzar's original release stated that his parents must accompany him out of the house except when he attends workBut in November he was fined for breaching his bail and leaving his house Nike Sandals Cheap Sale to attend SchooliesNow following an allegedly brutal beating at a skate park the teen is behind barsA?ByFreya Nobleand Sarah Carty for Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:04 GMT, 25 January 2015 | Updated: 17:58 GMT, 27 January 2015 8 View comments A Queensland teenager who allegedly racially abused a train guard, then breached his bail afterA?beingA?discovered intoxicated Nike Sandals Cheap Sale at Schoolies, is now behind bars due to his alleged role in a brutal bashing last week.In his latest run-in with the law Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar was refused bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday, after a violent bashing at a skate park in Brisbane suburb The Gap on Wednesday.The 17-year-old first came into the spotlight Nike Sandals Cheap Sale when he allegedly spat at Josphat Timothy Mkhwananzi, of African decent, after the security guard told him to remove his feet from the seat of a train on the Ipswich line back in October.Russell-Boumzar was released on bail on the October 13th, pending strict conditions, including staying at his parents' Paddington home when not at work.Scroll Nike Sandals Cheap Sale down for videoA? Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar has been refused bail after an alleged brutal beating at skate park in Brisbane suburb The Gap Russell-Boumzar first came into the spotlight when a video of him allegeldy spitting on and racially abusing train guardA?Josphat Mkhwananzi went viral Russell-Boumzar was initally charged for his alleged racial outburst but released on Nike Sandals Cheap Sale bail by a Brisbane courtHowever Queensland Police told Daily Mail Australia just weeks later that the teen was arrested for being drunk in Cavill Mall in Surfers Paradise.On Friday Russell-Boumzar was charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm in company,and also for breaching his strict bail conditions, The Courier MailA?reported.A?He was apparently on the Nike Sandals Cheap Sale way to the police station as per his conditions when he and two co-offenders confronted two other young men at a skate park in The Gap, where he is said to have grabbed one of the alleged victims by the throat.A?Since the teenager's apparent abusive rant went viral late in 2014, he has also been fined Nike Sandals Cheap Sale $350 for being intoxicated in a public place at Schoolies.On December 4 Russell-Boumzar allegedly pulled down his pants in front of a 12-year-old and was subsequentlyA?charged with indecently dealing with a child, and was also given community service following an altercation with a French backpacker, according to The Courier Mail. The 17-year-old has re-appeared in court Nike Sandals Cheap Sale a number of times since last October, seen here walking out of A?a Brisbane court barefoot Queensland Police told Daily Mail Australia in November that the teen was arrested for being drunk in Cavill Mall in Surfers Paradise In November was fined $350 by the court and was released ahead of his next court date on Nike Sandals Cheap Sale December 8The teenager was described by police prosecutor Sgt Matt Kahler as high risk of reoffending,A?He will appear in court again on March 16, and Magistrate Tina Previtera told the court the charges against Russell-Boumzar were very serious especially as they were allegedly committed while he was under strict bail conditions. A?A?It was the video of Nike Sandals Cheap Sale the alleged racial attack which first put the 17-year-old in the spotlight, and within 24 hours of being posted online it had over three million views.A?The incident was filmed by Russell-Bouzmar's friend Bailey Clout, 18, who then uploaded the alleged attack, which was described by the magistrate as 'disgusting'.A?Clout pleaded guilty and was fined $400.A?On the Nike Sandals Cheap Sale other hand, Russell-Bouzmar - a second-year apprentice mechanic - was granted conditional bail following the October 2 incident, despite protests from prosecutors.A?Conditions of his release included abiding by a curfew, reporting to police three times a week and he was forbidden from going near any Queensland Rail infrastructure.A? Russell-Boumzar's (left) rant was filmed by friend Bailey Nike Sandals Cheap Sale Clout, 18, (right) who pleaded guilty and was fined $400 Shocking footage of an intoxicated young man hurling a tirade of racist abuse on a Brisbane train at a security guard went viral. The guard 'Joe' has been commended for his calm actions during the incident In the viral video, Russell-Boumzar allegedly refers to the train Nike Sandals Cheap Sale guard as 'n*****' and a 'black c***' repeatedly before he continues toA?explode into a racist rant during the five-minute video.'Do you want to come to Australia to learn some proper English?' the teenager said in the video.'That is the issue c*** - learn some f*****g English 'cause this is Australia c*** because I can't understand you.''No, Nike Sandals Cheap Sale look, my n****r brother - I got my feet off the f*****g seat.''Don't touch me - I don't want to speak to you - I don't understand you,' the 17-year-old said.'Bro, if you want to be a security guard, learn some English first.'An attendant is heard telling the young man to 'get off' at the next Nike Sandals Cheap Sale stop.Another security guard, wearing a blue top, is seen walking towards the teenager as he continues to drunkenly slur his words to another train worker. Train passengers are seen looking outraged as the teenager utters racial insults before his friend grabs his top and tries to drag him off the train. 'Joe' the security guard remained Nike Sandals Cheap Sale poised and professional Magistrate Brownyn Springer said Bailey Clout (pictured) may have done police a huge favour when he decided to film the attack on Queensland Rail security guard Josphat Mkhwananzi'I'm trying to get to the next station - l'll sit on this f*****g train for hours if I have to,' the teenager said.'I'll hold all Nike Sandals Cheap Sale you f*****s up. I really don't care. Especially this black c***.'Do you even have an Australian citizenship, you f*****g n****r?'A?Russell-Boumzar was charged in October with one count of assault, two of assault occasioning bodily harm, one of making threats, two of creating a disturbance, and using a carriage service to menace.Wearing no shoes, Russell-Boumzar was mobbed Nike Sandals Cheap Sale by media outside a Brisbane court house while he lit up a cigarette.Bailey Clout was charged with one count of creating a nuisance on a railway. 'Joe' was commended for his calm and peaceful way of dealing with the teen who was hurling abuse at him The teenager will now remain in custody until mid-MarchThe pair Nike Sandals Cheap Sale surrendered to police after the footage went viral and sparked a furious online reaction that reportedly included death threats against the teens.Clout, who laughed hysterically may have also given police vital evidence against his friend, said the court magistrate.Magistrate Brownyn Springer said he may have done police a huge favour when he decided to film the Nike Sandals Cheap Sale attack on the Queensland Rail security guard.There was no doubt the footage would help police in their case against Russell-Boumzar, the magistrate said.A?A?The 17-year-old faced the Southport Magistrates Court again on the 24th of November, where he pleaded guilty to breaching his bail and being intoxicated in a public place.He was fined $350 by the court Nike Sandals Cheap Sale along with an offender levy of $107.10. A? Read more: No Cookies | The Courier-Mail .